The Culture

Human capital is the most important part of every organization’s growth. However, an innovative employee base proves to be key factor in a company’s exponential growth
Jaivel puts Innovation and technology at the heart of its guiding principles. The management’s conscious effort of encourage the “out of the box thinking” trait in each of its employee has been well supported by each member of Jaivel team.

A culture has developed! “Can this be done in a better, more productive way?” The innovations are not only restricted to technology but even the business models are evolved in order to better the previously laid-out systems and processes. This perennial food for thought always results in an automated, qualitative and cost effective solution.

The value creators, as they always have been referred as in Jaivel, bring in vast and expansive experience in the manufacturing industry. Every day these value creators defy the stereotypic way of thinking, brainstorm and arrive at a solution which brings a paradigm shift in the results.

Jaivel contributes time and energy to improve clients’ performance and profitability. The “Passion for Innovation”, flexibility and responsiveness are the key elements that make us stand out from the crowd.

Life at Jaivel

Jaivel is a team of highly exceptional professionals with unparalleled enthusiasm, integrity and dedication.

At Jaivel, it’s not all about Business, Yes every organisation exists to make a profit, however we at Jaivel believe that profit is purely a by-product of our pursuit for Excellence in developing tomorrow’s technology solutions. At Jaivel, freedom inspires ideas and the working environment nurtures excellence. Our Teamwork has led us to achieve exceptional success for our clients on a global stage in the aerospace & power generation industries.

In our drive towards Path Breaking Innovations, we also provide an opportunity that impacts your self-reliance positively with productive partnerships. We leverage on our global experience and ability to develop the technologies of tomorrow.

With our vision set high, Jaivel provides a truly global exposure to employees, with opportunities to work on the cutting edge of technology and its applications, working with the best of the best organisations in the Aerospace and Power Generation Industries.

Together as a team, we grow on reliable foundations to secure our future and accelerate professional and personal growth.

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